Nordic Youth Championship first racing day brought good wind and sunny weather


On Wednesday, 26th of July the first races of Nordic Youth Sailing Championships took place. Today’s weather was filled with a lot of sunshine and nice breezes. “We got a lot of praise for today’s weather and allthough we were not responsible for it, it is definitely a boost for positive emotion ang good results. Yesterday was of course a bit disappointing because of the lack of wind,” said Jüri Sõber, Principal Race Officer.


There were three races in the Optmist class among boys  competitors. The first day’s leader is Martins Atilla (LATMA5) from Latvian club “Topper”. Martins Attilla won all three races. Jonathan Llado Krensler (SWEJL42) from Sweden’s club RÖSS came second and Eduards Plavins (LATEP1)  from Latvia’s Riga Yachtclub came third.

Among the girls sailors, also three starts were given. The first day’s leader is Tilde Skörvald (SWETS12) from Sweden’s KKK club, the second place belongs to Elza Cibule (LATEC2) from Latvia’s Riga Yachclub and the third place belongs to Anna Partti (FINAP18) from Finland.


On the first day the Europe class had 18 competitors. After the first day all of the first three places belong to Finland, respectevly: Ilari Muhonen (FIN212) from Espoon Yachtclub, Martta Soini (FINMS8) from Turun Yachtclub and Axel Laine (FINAL18) from Espoon Yachtclub.

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