In 1820 the first Estonian sailing association “Uljaste Purjetajate Ordu“ was established. It acted only for 2 years. 

On 8th of July 1928 Estonian Yachting Union (EYU) was established. Seven years later Estonian Sea-Yachtclub joined Estonian Yachting Union and gave over its representation at IYRU (International Yacht Racing Union).

1959 the first post-war sailing organisation was established. It was named Estonian Sailing Federation.

On 2nd of April 1988 EYU was renewed and 3 years later EYU was re-established as a member of IYRU.

1995 EYU became a full member of the Nordic Sailing Federation (formerly Scandinavian Yacht Racing Union).


Estonian Olympic medals in sailing: 

1928 Yacht Tutti skippered by Nikolai Vekšin achieved 3rd place in Amsterdam 

1960 Aleksander Tšutselov won 2nd place in Rome in Finn class 

1980 Olympic regatta was held in Tallinn, Nikolai Poljakov with his team achieved 2nd place in Soling class

1988 twin-brothers Tõnu and Toomas Tõniste won 2nd place in Soul in 470 class 

1992 Tõnu and Toomas Tõniste achieved 3rd place in Barcelona in 470 class